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Access Control:

Access control makes sure that only authorised people are on your property.

Access Control systems

electronic access control installed in Kent, Sussex. London and Surrey

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Access Control:

By using networked electronic access control an organisation makes the job of managing who has access to relevant parts of the premises, and at what times of the day, very easy to administer.

Paxton Access:

Allen & Feldhaus Ltd use Paxton Access, a UK based manufacturer, for all new installations of access control because Paxton provide a flexible and easy to use system backed up with their top-notch technical support to our customers as well as our engineers.

Relying on Keys?

If you are presently relying on keys, doubtless some doors that should be relocked during the day get left open for long periods, as is inconvenient to the users to keep locking up when they are just nipping out for a coffee and so on. With electronic access control, the door always relocks automatically unless the software has been set to keep it open at certain times.

If you lose a key (or a whole bunch of keys) then locks need to be changed at great expense and inconvenience. If you lose a pass card or token, then that is simply removed from the central database and becomes useless to anyone who finds it.

Kent, Sussex, Surrey & London:

Based in West Kent, we are able to provide a first class installation and maintenance service in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and the Greater London area.

As well as pass card readers, access control can be managed with coded entry key pads, wireless or telephone based intercoms, biometric sensors and so on. To find out the best way to secure your property against intruders, contact Allen & Feldhaus now.

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