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Installing CCTV, automatic barriers, gates, bollards and roller shutters

Control Parking Spaces:

A rising arm barrier is a very simple but very effective way to control who exactly is parking in your car parking spaces; spaces which should be reserved for the use of your staff, customers and invited visitors.

Traffic Barriers

car park barriers installed in Kent, Sussex and Surry

At Allen & Feldhaus Security, we undertake every part of the traffic barrier installation for you, including:

  • Cabling.
  • Electrical supplies.
  • Ground works for towers etc.

Reliable Security Barrier:

If your company is based in Kent, Sussex, Surrey or London we can offer a hassle-free installation and maintenance service, providing you with a reliable car park or security barrier that will ensure that your parking spaces are not being taken up by unauthorised users.

Barrier Control Systems:

The barrier can be operated by many different control systems, including:

  • Intercom
  • Pass card or proximity device
  • Key pad
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Automatically detecting the vehicle (ground loop)

Prevent Unauthorised Parking:

A simple system, which could be used where your car park is being used by drivers who are avoiding paying in an adjacent council or shopping centre operated car park, would be to have the barrier opening automatically as the vehicle is detected driving up to it. In order to leave the car park the driver must have a valid pass card or proximity device, or request a simple token unit from your receptionist.

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