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Installing CCTV, automatic barriers, gates, bollards and roller shutters

Superior Quality Images:

Enormous technical advances have been made in the design of cameras, such that images can be obtained which are far superior to the out of focus, grainy black and white images that we have all seen on the television.

CCTV Installation

closed-circuit TV (CCTV) systems installed in Kent, Sussex and Surry

At Allen & Feldhaus Security, we undertake every part of the CCTV installation for you, including:

  • Cabling.
  • Electrical supplies.
  • Ground works for towers etc.

Closed-circuit TV (CCTV):

Closed-circuit TV surveillance provides a great disincentive to would-be intruders onto your property. Although the primary security objective for any company is to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access onto the premises, CCTV also makes it easier to challenge staff who are in areas where they ought not be.

Detailed Information:

Today's digital video recorder makes your job even more straightforward as recordings of images can be found much more quickly, and the recorder can be set to store more detailed information from particular cameras when movement is detected, or if an external alarm is used to trigger the equipment.

Remote Monitoring:

With CCTV, our mission at Allen & Feldhaus Security is to provide you with a highly reliable, fit-and-forget surveillance system, which is easy for you to monitor remotely and which will provide you with usable images that can be stored in a secure manner by subsequent recording onto DVD.

Fixed Price:

Our fixed-price quotation will detail exactly what our offer includes, and if you have arranged for some parts of the project to be undertaken by your own subcontractors, we will also list the parts of the installation that we have not included, so that all parties are clear about the Scope of Works.

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