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Disability Equality Act:

In order to comply with the Disability Equality Act (October 2010), many companies who provide a service to the general public are choosing to fit automatic door opening equipment to assist those with impaired mobility.

Serving Kent, Sussex, Surrey & London

swing door actuator systems installed in Kent, Sussex, London and Surrey

Based near Tenterden in West Kent, we can offer a reliable and rapid call out service within a 30 mile radius. This includes South London and the southeast coast.

Automate Existing Doors:

Existing swing-doors can very easily be automated with a sophisticated and silently operating actuator, which is very similar in appearance to a conventional oil-damped spring closer. The sophistication lies in the many modes of operation available with this type of operator. It can be programmed, for example, to react in a different manner at different times of the day.

Swing Door Actuators:

A user-friendly setting is where the actuator senses that the door is being pushed and automatically takes over and completes the opening of the door. This saves the need for pushed buttons, and the necessary signs to instruct users.

Disability Equality Act:

Allen & Feldhaus Security can help you to comply with the requirements of the disability equality act, without the need and expense of installing new doors.


As with all of the access control systems that we install, Allen & Feldhaus Security undertake all parts of the work involved in fitting the door operator, including installation and testing of the electrical supply, unless you have your own contracted electrician, responsible for the electrical installation in your premises.

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