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Number Plate Recognition, Gatwick

ANPR systems

automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems installed in Kent, Sussex and Surry

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and audit terminal installed at Gatwick

Number Plate Recognition, Gatwick:

Allen & Feldhaus Ltd have installed automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) at a number of car parks in Gatwick to help control the administration and revenue collection from holiday parking customers and also coach companies.

The system is set to acquire the registration numbers of all cars and coaches passing the entry barriers into the parking areas and the management company's booking system then picks up the numbers from the database to compare with pre-booking/contract information. When the system is satisfied that the correct fees have been paid, the registration number is flagged as "set to go" so that when the vehicle subsequently arrives at the exit barrier, the number is read and the barriers open automatically.

Parking - Reliable Audit Control:

The system makes the entire process both easy for the users and also provides a more reliable audit control for the company's systems.

Recent Projects

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Recent Projects

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