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Installing CCTV, automatic barriers, gates, bollards and roller shutters

Safe & Efficient Operation:

Allen & Feldhaus Security offer after sales service to cover the safe & efficient operation of your security equipment with one of the available maintenance contract options:


traffic barriers installed and maintained in Kent, Sussex and Surry

At Allen & Feldhaus Security, we undertake every part of the traffic barrier installation for you, including:

  • Cabling.
  • Electrical supplies.
  • Ground works for towers etc.

1. Standard Service:

Which provides during the Agreement Period routine preventative maintenance visits during Normal Working Hours which would include the cleaning and adjustment of the equipment in the system according to our method statements. Any other repairs or parts required will be advised to the Customer and charged for at the prevailing labour, materials and call-out rates.

2. Comprehensive Service:

Which provides during the Agreement Period routine service visits during Normal Working Hours and any maintenance or repairs found necessary as a result of normal wear and tear which will be provided by the Company without charge. Any labour or materials requested or found to be necessary as a result of customer requested modifications, misuse of the equipment, damage or Acts of God will be advised to the Customer and charged for at prevailing labour, materials and call-out rates.

Either option can be paid for via a one off yearly sum or via our monthly budget plan, prices for which we will be pleased to discuss as required.

We also offer a CALL-OUT SERVICE with very reasonable rates using our fast and efficient team of local engineers.

Automatic Barriers and Gates - HSE Compliance

To comply with the latest HSE Safety Notices & European Legislation you need to ensure that everything is working reliably and safely. The following points must be covered during the initial installation & ongoing use of the equipment:

All sites utilizing moving barriers/automatic gates & allied equipment must consider the following required actions (as stated) by the HSE:

  • "All designers and installers of electrically powered gates should ensure that the forces generated by a gate when meeting a person or an obstacle are limited and that they do not exceed the values specified in Annex A of BS EN 12453:2001.
  • These forces should be measured in accordance with BS EN 12445:2001. "Industrial commercial and garage doors and gates. Safety in use of power operated doors. Test methods" and the performance of the system validated before the gate is put into use.
  • Forces should be periodically re-measured and checked as part of the planned preventative maintenance schedule for the gates.
  • In addition to force limitation, additional safeguards, such as pressure sensitive strips on the closing edge and photoelectric sensing devices, should be fitted where the risk assessment identifies the gate as high risk, in that it is operating automatically in a public place where children and other members of the public may be present.
  • Persons or organisations in control of powered gates should periodically review their risk assessments to ensure that they identify any changes to the environment or operating conditions and that they have taken appropriate steps to address them. This is particularly important when the responsibility for management of the gate passes from one person or organisation to another.
  • Other hazards associated with the opening and closing of the gate should also be addressed - these will include crushing, shearing, impact and drawing-in hazards. Examples of other hazard points are described in BS EN 12453: 2001 and include: the opening edge; gaps in the gate where they pass fixed structures; and at the drive mechanism. (Note: force limitation on its own is also unlikely to be sufficient for these hazards).
  • All safety devices and features should be checked on a regular basis and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to ensure they continue to function as designed to ensure that safety is maintained. This should be specified in a planned preventative maintenance schedule agreed by persons responsible for the gate's management and their appointed maintenance company."

Whilst the above may sound onerous, the good news is that by taking up one of the maintenance contract options you will ensure that you are complying with the requirements of the directives, and, most importantly, together we have ensured that there is minimal chances of injury to any persons in the vicinity of moving gates or barrier arms.

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